Google Maps gets new augmented reality feature that will change how you use the app

Google Maps is getting a new augmented reality feature that could completely change how you navigate using the app. The feature allows you to see walking […]

Pixel 3a launches with very attractive price tag – and it’s got a headphone jack

Google has unveiled its first mid-market smartphone, the Pixel 3a, offering many of the same features as the premium Pixel 3 for around half the price. […]

Pixel 3a to launch this week – and it could be Google’s cheapest smartphone yet

Google is expected to unveil its latest Pixel smartphones this week, with very wallet-friendly price tags. The widely-rumoured Pixel 3a and 3a XL are said to […]

iPhone battery life ‘significantly overstated’ according to Which? investigation

Apple has been accused of “significantly overstating” the battery life of several of its iPhone handsets. Consumer watchdog Which? tested nine iPhone models and found that […]