Apple might have secretly fixed the defective keyboards on the new MacBook Pros

Apple released new MacBook Pros the other day and it had appeared the company didn’t update the controversial keyboards for better reliability, but instead just made […]

Building a new home in the U.K.? You may have to install an EV charging station

Building a new home in the United Kingdom could soon require some new car technology, too. This week, the U.K. government unveiled a new plan to […]

The first Apple-approved battery pack that charges via Lightning port is finally here

Belkin is solving a big pain of battery packs for the iPhone by releasing one that charges with a Lightning cable. Almost all portable battery packs […]

Apple to unveil Siri-powered Beats by Dre Pill speaker at WWDC, shouts top analyst

Apple’s developer showcase WWDC 2018 is coming up fast (it kicks off June 4), and should bring news of new developments for Siri, augmented reality and Apple’s burgeoning […]