EE has pipped its rivals to the post, launching its 5G network in London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham today

The moment that tech-fans across the UK have been waiting for is finally here – the first 5G network has launched! EE has pipped its rivals to the post, […]

How to keep your phone safe at the beach this summer

Let’s be real. You’re going to take your phone to the beach. How could you not? So let’s make sure it doesn’t meet its untimely end […]

Touch ID could be RETURNING to the iPhone in 2020 – but not as you know it

Apple’s Touch ID could be returning to the iPhone in 2020, but it won’t be quite as you remember it, a new report has revealed. Touch […]

Surface Headphones review: Superb noise cancellation but the price is ambitious

Headphones are not something you’d normally associate with the Microsoft Surface brand – not least because they don’t run Windows. But following the success of its […]